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Qivana is pioneering a new approach to natural products. No single product can deliver everything your body needs and that is why we created Synergistic Health Systems—giving you the power of many products with the simplicity of a single product. We’ve removed the guesswork while offering efficacy unlike any other company. Our approach ensures you have the perfect blend of nutrition to optimize the performance of your body’s different systems.

Most nutrition companies overwhelm you with their insane product clutter.  We’re very different.  We don’t want the most products – just the best!  To that end we’ve partnered with world-renowned scientist to bring you the most cutting-edge and potent natural products on the globe.  Nothing else.  Now you can focus on YOU – and let us do the rest.

Real Research

Research efficacy is of utmost importance in the Qivana product line. All of our products have years of clinical trials prior to release and results are reported to the FDA.

Real Results

Proof is in the results!  End-goals are not only met but they are exceeded when following simple steps.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase your endurance, or simply want to increase your longevity, look no further.

Real Products

The demand for Natural Products makes this one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  No more over-medicating, or severe side-effects.  These product systems are All-Natural and have the ingredients list to prove it.

Real People

Qivana has no paid endorsers.  Every testimony comes from an ordinary individual who at one point struggled to meet their health and wellness goals until they were introduced to Qivana.



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We are so confident in our products that they come with a full Quality Guarantee.  These product systems have already changed the lives of millions and you could be next.

Being a napper all my life, I often find myself very early in the morning.  After taking Essentials I have found I require much less sleep…I’ve only had 2 naps since being on the QORE products and I am sleeping and feeling much better.  Can’t wait for Detox next month!

After years of suffering with allergies, asthma, and syncope, I was worried I would never be able to run again due to difficulties in breathing.  After being on the total health package for 2 months I can now run during interval training workout sessions!

I started as a diabetic taking 15 daily medications and suffering from migraines to eliminating 7 meds and watching my fasting glucose drop over 100 points per day.  With the total health system I lost over 70 pounds, no longer have migraines and have way more energy!
Vince Hollingsworth

Metaboliq Testimony


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