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You have goals and dreams. Let Qivana help you achieve them. Qivana has empowered thousands of people with the opportunity to realize their dreams. Whether your goals are physical or financial, Qivana will help you every step of the way

Qivana is different. And in this case, different is good. Qivana has created a step-by-step system that ensures our business owners succeed. Our sole mission is to make you and others like you the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Qivana offers the ABSOLUTE BEST WORK-FROM-HOME COMPENSATION available in the market.  It is a hybrid overlay payout structure that is designed to provide quick cash upfront but allow you to rapidly build a legacy of residual income.  No other network marketing company pays its distributors a better margin than is paid out to Qivana IBOs.  This business opportunity has been recognized as one of the top home based businesses in the world and is poised to become the next multi-billion dollar direct sales company.

Understanding the Qivana Difference


  • Qivana commissions rewards you for every person that you share Qivana with. When you love something, you share it. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for that?
  • The Qivana Success System will teach and train you step-by-step to build a solid foundation for sustained, successful business growth. Become part of a system and team designed to help you succeed.
  • Every aspect of our business has been designed to maximize sustainability and retention. We want your Qivana business to thrive for years to come.
  • Live your dreams. Qivana rewards you for your success. With Qivana, you can earn a dream car bonus or travel to the world’s most exotic locations.
  • Whether you want to earn a few hundred dollars a month or qualify for Qivana’s $1,000,000 cash bonus, Qivana empowers you to take the first step.


We are different. We don’t accept the status quo and neither should you. This is your life. A chance to be better, your time to be different. And we’re here to help.


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iPad Perk

Build 4,000 PV of weekly volume on each team within 75 days of your first order and get a FREE iPad.


BMW or Mercedes Perk

Add an additional 2,000 PV of weekly volume and achieved qualifying rank you receive the car bonus. CAR-BONUS



Dream Week Perk

Add an additional 2,000 PV of weekly volume on each team and achieved rank two times in a four week period you qualify for Dream Week vacation for two.


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