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IBO_Logo_Q_green.black_large   You have goals and dreams.  Let Qivana help you achieve them.  Qivana has empowered thousands of people with the opportunity to realize their dreams using the absolute best Work-From-Home compensation plan available in the market.  The company is dedicated to the success of its Independent business owners and pays out weekly to ensure each distributor has exceptional cashflow.  It is a hybrid overlay payout structure that is designed to provide quick cash upfront but allow you to rapidly build a legacy of residual income.  No other network marketing company pays its distributors a better margin than is paid out to Qivana IBOs.  This business opportunity has been recognized as one of the top home based businesses in the world and is poised to become the next multi-billion dollar direct sales company.


Qivana has the MOST experienced leadership team in the industry. All of the Founders have run multi-billion dollar companies and have that same vision in sharing Qivana with the world!



Qivana is the ONLY company that is solely focused on the global distribution of natural product breakthroughs.  We bring the absolute best natural products to market, but only after they have scientific efficacy based off cutting-edge research.  These products are created by some of the most world-renown research scientists in the world.


Qivana has recognized global trends in product demand and creates their marketing distribution to stay ahead of those demands.  Not to mention staying well-ahead of any competition on the market.  This company is getting ready to go through hypergrowth.  Qivana will become a billion dollar company within the next 3-5 years, allowing brand partners and product distributors to establish their business before market saturation creating an unparalleled opportunity for income generation and legacy growth.


Qivana has been recognized on a global scale as a leader in the natural products industry.  We are already operating in over 6 countries and have a 20 year business plan to continue expansion.  Experts have quickly identified Qivana as an emerging leader in the field and our list of accolades will continue to grow.



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